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Welcome to MIS Consultancy; a future home where thoughts are applied with qualified technology, qualified knowledge by qualified team. MIS Consultancy is limited liability Company, joint venture with key strategic partners (in progress), work in multiple countries in the world. We are a multinational professional team from varied backgrounds that can provide a wide variety of web-based information technology solutions. We cover all aspects of design, development, deployment and maintenance of effective business solutions, training for human capital.

MIS CONSULTANCY has many verticals of services, which include Conformity Assessment & Certification of Management Systems, Climate Changes Services including Validation and Verification of CDM, GS, VCS projects, Consultancy services for Green Building Certification, Trainings, Product Certification including CE Marking and Execution of Grid Connected and Off-Grid Solar Power Projects. The verticals also include Energy Audit Services, Electrical Safety Audits, Third Party Inspection and Surveys etc.

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What we do

We help our clients integrate their business and IT processes into a coherent whole. We create fexible, robust IT solutions that are geared specically to our clients' business needs and processes.

We get to know our clients and their businesses so we can give them the best return on their IT investments. We show them how to unlock the strategic value hidden in segmented and fragmented data and we provide leading technologies that give them unparalleled insight into their businesses.

With our clients, we create experiences for humans, enabled by technology. Together, we design a smarter future for everyone.
We create new, meaningful experiences that deliver beyond customers' expectations.
We prefer to take a project all the way to the award-winning end.

How do we do it?

We provide the highest standard in the development and integration of web enabled applications and services through:
  • Understanding our clients requirements and their business processes
  • Multi-level testing of our solution before, during and after deployment
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies
  • Managing projects according to international project management methods
  • Providing professional customer support and warranty services
  • Mostafizur Rahman Chairman

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